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Our platform unlocks cryptic biosynthetic potential while obviating the need for cloning, genetic manipulation, and complex procedures.

Although historically prolific, recent investments into natural products have delivered diminishing returns due to the costly rediscovery of known compounds. This is in part due to the transcriptionally silent nature of most biosynthetic genes: conventional approaches only capture ~10% of a bacterium’s biosynthetic potential.


Using a broadly applicable, high-throughput, genetics-free, cloning-free approach, the Cryptyx Biosciences HiTES (High-Throughput Elicitor Screening) platform accesses >90% of this cryptic biosynthetic potential in a rapid and parallel manner.

HiTES Platform


Delivers natural products from specific biosynthetic pathways.

Reporter-Guided HiTES

Imaging Mass Spectrometry-Guided

Reveals global secondary metabolism for a selected strain and prioritizes novel chemical matter.

Imaging Mass Spectrometry-Guided HiTES


Yields desired bioactive metabolites.

Bioactivity-Guided HiTES

Stimulating Cryptic Natural Products

The HiTES platform is highly versatile and can be applied to any microorganism to enhance production of known natural products or induce entirely new products. The Cryptyx Bioscience HiTES platform is offered to developers of natural drug and therapeutic products as a genetics-free, cloning-free, rapid, and reliable solution to the traditional complexities of production.

Stimulating cryptic natural products with HiTES

​In the figure above, we show differential transcriptomic and proteomic data of 22 gene clusters in response to an elicitor identified by the HiTES platform. 21 out of 22 gene clusters are induced in response to that elicitor.

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