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Our expanding pipeline includes novel therapies for bacterial and viral pathogens and potentially other disease agents.


We are focusing our efforts on diseases with either poorly-met or unmet need and reasonable market opportunity. Initial indications typically have a straightforward path from discovery to commercialization and unambiguous regulations.

Bacterial pathogen

Bacterial pathogens

Drug-resistant bacterial pathogens affect 2.8 million people in the US alone resulting in an estimated 35,000 fatalities. Antimicrobial resistance is an unmet and urgent public health threat that requires new innovations and treatments. Cryptyx Bioscience is developing novel therapies and therapy modalities against high-priority bacterial pathogens.

Viral pathogen

Viral pathogens

Infectious disease is one of the major health challenges of the new century, as the COVID-19 pandemic unmistakably demonstrated. With the easing of pandemic-related restrictions like masking and social distancing, we have seen a surge in some viral pathogens like Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a common pediatric respiratory illness. Cryptyx Bioscience is developing novel therapies against RSV and other critical viral pathogens.

DNA double helix


Natural products have traditionally served as a productive source of anti-proliferative agents. More than 60% of FDA-approved anticancer drugs are based on natural products. The flexibility of the Cryptyx Bioscience platform has allowed us to identify several novel anticancer agents and R&D is currently underway to generate additional IP around cryptic anticancer agents from microbial sources.


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