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Cryptyx Bioscience

Combating Disease with Cryptic Metabolites

Cryptyx Bioscience is a Princeton-based biopharmaceutical platform company that is opening new doors to drug discovery by tapping into hidden therapeutics in nature.

Cryptyx utilizes the simplest and fastest natural product drug discovery platform aimed at activating silent biosynthetic gene clusters and at unlocking the natural product drugs that cannot be accessed with extant methods.

Cryptyx's technology is the only genetics-free, cloning-free, bioactivity-first platform for accessing cryptic therapeutic natural products encoded in bacteria and fungi.


Tackling Infectious Disease

Infectious disease is one of the major health challenges of the new century, as the current pandemic unmistakably demonstrates. Secondary bacterial infections, in addition to drug-resistant bacteria, together provide an urgent unmet need.


Expanding to Oncology and Immunology Targets

HiTES is versatile and can be optimized for any drug target. R & D is currently ongoing to expand to viral and cancer targets.

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